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Clematide (Clematis vitalba)

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Clematide (Clematis vitalba)
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The evegreen clematis, also known as old man's beard or traveller's joy, is a climbing plant with white flowers and green foliage which can grow up to 15 meters in height and can also act as ground cover. It spreads very well under favorable
conditions and can even overwhelm overgrown plants, so the choice of the site requires some caution - it is very suitable for façade greening due to its fast and vigorous growth, its beautiful appearance and the green foliage, even though it loses its foliage if temperatures go below zero for a longer time.

All plant parts contain the toxic protoanemonin which can be rendered harmless by applying heat or drying. In addition, the plant can cause irritation of the skin in some people and can cause severe blisters on the upper skin layers. In medicine it is used only homoeopathically or within the framework of the bach flower remedies.

The woody vines of the old man's beard were historically used for the production of ropes, for basket weaving and for binding grain.

Clematis vitalba, content approx. 100 traveller's joy vine seeds

Sowing & Cultivation

Seed needs cold to germinate, direct sowing in autumn or indoor pre-cultivation in spring. Deciduous forest plant for dappled shade to sunny sites with rather damp soils. Calcareous, nutrient-rich soil is well accepted. Planting in the shade is possible, if the leaves and the upper shoots get some light. The rootstock should always be damp and in the shade.

Picture source:
CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Descrizione della pianta: coltivazione & proprietà

Famiglia di piante:
Altezza della pianta ca.:
6–10 m, Pianta rampicante
Apparato radicale :
Radici poco profonde
Colore dei fiori:
Periodo di fioritura:
Agosto, Luglio, Settembre
Luogo semiombreggiato, Ombra , Sole
Fabbisogno idrico:
Moderatamente umido
Ciclo di vita :
Resistenza al freddo fino a:
–35 °C


Precoltura all'interno:
Febbraio, Marzo
Tempi di semina all'aperto:
Aprile, Maggio, Marzo, Ottobre, Settembre

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