Piè di gallo (Eranthis hyemalis)
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Piè di gallo (Eranthis hyemalis)

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Winter aconites are among the most striking winter flowers and are true heralds of spring. They often show their bright yellow flowers when there is still snow, and fill the area with an enormously intense sweet scent. The plant originally comes
from the Mediterranean region, but can be found in the dappled shade of forests in the far north of Europe. It belongs to the buttercup family and typically grows in groups of several plants.

Since they appear so early in the year, they are the first and therefore enormously important bee plant.

The medical benefit of the winter aconite is limited to homeopathic use. Especially the rhizome is poisonous and should not be consumed. Also for animals, the plant can be toxic when consumed.

Contents: approx. Winter aconite seeds Sow the seeds starting in March, preferably broadcast in a protected location in the semi-shade under trees or other woody plants. Slightly calcareous, loamy soil is well suited. It may take three years before the first flowering; during this time, the seedlings and rhizomes should not be sowed over, weeded, or otherwise interfered with. Winterlings spread themselves enormously after several years.
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