'Sweet & hardy melons' seed kit
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'Sweet & hardy melons' seed kit

with 4 varieties to grow your own melons outdoors even in colder climates

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Melons are subtropical climbing plants, which commonly produce large, juicy and sweet tasting fruits. Particularly in summer, melons enjoy great popularity as refreshing thirst-quenchers.

Most melon plant varieties need warmer climates to mature and consequently the real, ripe fruits are rarely available for purchase here. The good news is that there are a few melon varieties, which grow well in moderate central European and northern climates and can be cultivated in domestic gardens.

For this seed kit we therefore hand selected 4 robust melon varieties:
  • Cantaloupe melon 'Charentais' (Cucumis melo)
    'Charentais' is a small sized, smooth-skinned melon variety with a lovely light and dark green striped pattern. The flesh is of apricot-orange colour and tastes absolutely delicious.
  • Altai muskmelon (Cucumis melo)
    'Altai' is a Russian melon variety with large crops, which thrives well in central European climates.
  • Melon 'Blenheim Orange' (Cucumis melo)
    'Blenheim Orange' is a robust honeydew melon variety with large, oblong crops with orange flesh, which can weigh up to 1kilos.
  • Watermelon 'Cream of Saskatchewan' (Citrullus lanatus)
    'Cream of Saskatchewan' is an old, robust Russian watermelon variety, with mild tasting white fruit flesh which thrives well in northern climates.
The seeds of each melon variety are packaged in a separate sachet.
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