Cavolo tedesco Bremer Scheerkohl (Brassica napus var. pabularia)
Cavolo tedesco Bremer Scheerkohl (Brassica napus var. pabularia) #0

Cavolo tedesco Bremer Scheerkohl (Brassica napus var. pabularia)

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Originally from Russia and known as Siberian kale, Bremer Scheerkohl is an old regional German brassica variety from Bremen, cultivated as a leafy vegetable. It grows very quickly, with the first leaves ready for harvesting after only 6 weeks. Until
well into the 1960er years, the cultivation of Scheerkohl kale was very widespread in northern German small gardens, as it can be sown and harvested both in early and late season. Meanwhile, as a vegetable crop, it has almost fallen into oblivion.

Scheerkohl or Hanover salad, as it is also called, is actually not a kale variety, but a subspecies of rapeseed, and its leaves are freshly harvested just like corn salad - cut just slightly above the ground and then left to regrow. It is very easy to cultivate and can be used like spinach or swiss chard. Stewed or cooked, it is excellent as a vegetable garnish. The tender leaves and stalks have a slightly nutty flavor, although the stalks of very large leaves should not be eaten, as they accumulate erucic acid, whose consumption in high doses affects the heart muscle.

Package content: approx. 1000 Siberian kale 'Bremer Scheerkohl' seeds
Cavolo tedesco Bremer Scheerkohl (Brassica napus var. pabularia)
Altri nomi
Nome botanico:
b. napus ssp. napusb. napus var. pabulariabrassica rapa
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Magic Garden Seeds
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1.000 Pz.

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